Club Constitution

1. The group shall be called “Barton Camera Club” and is open for any person wishing to join and enjoy a wide variety of topics.

2. The objective of this group will be to promote all aspects of photography.

3. The group shall meet every Tuesday at 8.00pm at a location decided by the club’s committee and as laid out in the yearly programme.

4. If any committee member/s feel or that it is brought to the attention of the committee, that a club member is guilty of conduct, likely to endanger the club’s good name and/or the club’s tenancy of any premises the club uses, an emergency committee meeting may be called, to review whether the member should be barred from membership of the group. The committee’s decision on all matters relating to this rule, are final and not negotiable.

5. The committee shall consist of the club officers i.e. Chairperson, Vice
Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Competition Secretary and four elected members. A quorum shall be five persons.

6. The committee shall:

a) Manage the affairs of the club subject to the rules of any premise the club may use.
b) Decide the competition rules as and when required, dates and competition titles.
c) Co-opt members to fill a vacancy on the committee.
d) Choose from the club membership representatives to attend any meetings of affiliated bodies.
e) Authorise expenditure on behalf of the club.

7. The committee shall meet quarterly and as often additionally as may be deemed necessary.

8. A committee meeting shall be called at the request of two club officers or three club members, requesting a meeting of the club Secretary or Chairperson.

9. The Chairperson shall be responsible for:

a) The conduct of club meetings.
b) Committee meetings.
c) Annual General Meetings as well as any extraordinary general meetings that may be called.

10. The Vice Chairperson shall:

Deputise for the Chairperson whenever required to do so, in any functions normally carried out by the Chairperson.

11. The Honorary Secretary shall:

a) Attend to the day to day running of the club.
b) Maintain minutes of the club committee meetings and general meetings.
c) Report annually at the clubs AGM on the group’s activities.

12. The Honorary Treasurer shall:

a) Maintain a true record of the clubs finances and report to the committee when requested.
b) Supply a full and concise break down of the club’s financial position at the AGM.
c) The financial year for the group will run from 1st February to 31st January each year.

13. The Competition Secretary shall:

a) Manage the competitions of the club.
b) Arrange the marking of the points for entries.
c) Arrange and issue the winning certificates.

14. The Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held on the first Tuesday in March for the purpose of:

a) Receiving the annual reports of the Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Competition Secretary.
b) Electing the officers of the club and four club members to serve on the committee of the club for the coming year.
c) Arrange the renewal of membership of the “Barton Camera Club”.
d) Arrange the date for the next AGM.
e) Any other business.

15. Membership Fees:

Renewal of membership fees will be due as of the date of the AGM.
Membership fees and weekly subscriptions will be determined annually by the committee, and announced at the AGM.

Last Update: 29th October 2013