Club Competition Entry Specifications

The Club has a monthly competition comprised of PRINTS & PROJECTED images. You can enter up to 3 images in each which will be judged by an outside judge. Each month’s competition will be a different category as stated in the Club’s programme.

Competition Rules • Only subscribed members may enter competitions • Images must be 100% by the author • Images may be entered in as many competitions as desired, but cannot be entered if they have been placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Highly Commended or Commended in a previous Club Competition. • Images may be entered even though they have been entered in an external competition. • Prints should be mounted on mount 20”x16”.  Prints may be of any size to fit the mount • Members are restricted to a maximum of 3prints & 3 projected entries. • Title & author’s name should be marked clearly on the back of the print.

Entry Details

Digital images are required for all entries (print or projected) & can be submitted via Dropbox (ask the Competition Secretary to set up a Dropbox folder for you) or handed in to the Competition Secretary on a USB drive.

Files are to be submitted as JPG or JPEG files with image size no larger than 1200px x 900px.

Prints should be handed in by the date specified on the programme (usually 2 weeks before the competition). Digital images should be in your Dropbox by the same deadline.

Guidelines & Notes for Competitions 2017/18 Copies of these Guidelines will be sent to Judges prior to the Competition


28th    March  OPEN

Anything goes but members are encouraged to try techniques & subjects which show their creative & technical skills.

25th    April   FRIENDLY COMPETITION against Brooklands Club (at Barton)

30 of our Club’s best images of the year (prints or digital) will be selected by the Committee to be judged together with 30 images from the Brooklands Club. (members will be notified of which of their images have been selected & asked to re-submit appropriate dpi’s).

30th    May MONOCHROME

Any subject which you feel is enhanced by using monochrome, showing special attention to composition & tonal range. N.B. “Monochrome describes a photograph produced in one colour including all its tones. (includes but not the same as Black & White”

27th    June HUMOUR

Entries will be judged, not only on the humour of the subject but also on presentation & use of technical skills. Photos may be opportunity shots of real life situations, amusing juxtaposition etc.; or may be created by skilful editing.


25th    July FLORA

Flora includes all plant life in or away from its environment. The plant or flower itself must be the focus of your image – any animals, insects or other objects should only be peripheral if included as an essential part of the plant’s environment. You may also decide to zoom in on a small detail of the plant.

29th    August FAUNA

Fauna covers all animals including birds, fish, insects and other organisms wherever & however you may find them i.e. in the wild, in captivity or domesticated. Try to illustrate the habitats & habits as well as the beauty of the creature.

26th    September PORTRAIT

Portrait is an artistic representation of a person or persons in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality & mood of the person. The portrait may be formal or informal, indoors or outdoors, natural or artificial light. Glamour & nude photography is eligible providing it is tasteful & artistic – decision of suitability rests with Competition Secretary. Ensure that the background is only included if it complements the subject.

31st    October STILL LIFE

Still life is usually portrayed by arranging objects creatively by interesting use of light, texture & colour. Still life can also be “found” anywhere in the environment e.g. a fallen leaf. Image can be in colour or in monochrome. Post- editing is acceptable.

28th    November NIGHTSCAPE

 Can be any photo taken during the hours of darkness either indoors or outdoors.  A successful image can be achieved by skilful use of aperture & exposure. All nightscape images from Night Sky, Night Club to Abstract will be acceptable.

19th    December POTY

The two best-placed photographs from the year’s competitions (both print & digital) will be judged for “Photograph of the Year” by an external judge.

30th    January ARCHITECTURE

Photographs can be of any architecture either ancient or modern created with either man-made or natural materials. The image should demonstrate interesting use of pattern, texture & creative design. Monochrome, if used well can be very effective in architectural photography.

27th    February LANDSCAPE

Landscape photography can include any outdoor scene – rural, coastal or urban. The photograph can be a broad landscape or a close-up of any natural, geographical feature (rock formation, effects of weathering etc.;). The image will be judged on good composition, good use of light & depth of field.