MINUTES OF THE SIXTY FIRST ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held at The Leisure Centre, Arnold, Nottingham on Sunday 13 March 2016 commencing at 10.30am


There were 48 people representing 21 clubs/societies present.


The President, Ian Taylor, welcomed all to the meeting.


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Eric Miller; Louise Walton; Mike Johnson


  1. MINUTES OF THE SIXTIETH ANNUAL GENERAL, circulated prior to the meeting           were approved.    Proposed: Roy Millett, seconded Howard Fisher.    Carried


  1. MATTERS ARISING – there were no matters arising


  1. TO RECEIVE THE FINANCIAL REPORT AND BALANCE SHEET – The Treasurer had presented an audited balance sheet prior to the meeting.


We had another excellent year financially with a surplus being obtained; this is also            due to the hard work and careful spending by the various Officers.  The costs have            been within our budget.    The Exhibition cost us more than on  previous years as the     new entry fee resulted in a slightly lower income.   Email has saved the Federation            quite a lot of money both in printing and also postage and now the Newsletter is            being electronically distributed there is quite a reduction in costs.


The excellent photographic book was budgeted to cost the Federation and the costs            incurred up to the end of the year had been allowed for.   It is anticipated that there            will be a further cost to the Federation next year but this is all planned.


Brian stated the Federation has now made a surplus on our accounts over the last 10            years and proposed the Federation lump sum levy remains the same again but the            charge per member be reduced to £1.50 per member and stated this had been agreed          by the Executive Committee.


The accounts were approved.  Proposed Brian Davis; seconded: Peter Henson.



  1. TO FIX THE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION FOR YEAR 2015 – The outgoing Executive           proposed:


  1. a) The PAGB subscription remains at £36

The N&EMPF subscription per club to remain at £24.00 giving a total of £60 and the cost per member remains at £1.50 (with an upper limit of 75 members).   Proposed:  Peter Cheetham: Seconded: David Gibbins.   Carried.


  1. b) Amendment of the Bank Mandate – At present it is the President,                   Secretary and Treasurer.  However, since the President and Secretary is the                  same person it is proposed to add the Vice President.   Peter Cheetham                     seconded the proposal.


  1. THE ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDED 2016 – The report had been circulated           prior to the meeting and was approved.


Section Secretaries gave more information on their reports, where relevant.


  1. MATTERS ARISING – There were no matters arising.


  1. REPORT OF THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ALLIANCE MEMBER – This had been circulated prior to the  meeting.


  1. PRESIDENT’S REMARKS – I would like to take this opportunity to thank those           members of the Exec committee who have supported both the Federation and myself          to deliver the essential services that make this Federation stand out and also all of you    who have supported the Federation in any way, whether in small or large doses. It is    important to remember that we are all volunteers and it does make a big difference  when many people share the work load and help to ensure a smooth-running     Federation.


Two years ago, March 2016 seemed a very long way away. A number of projects were  in my sights and I shall remind you of the successful ones that this committee has            achieved.


N&EMPF Web site – This is not quite as interactive as I would like but progress has                    been made. Special thanks go to Celia Clayton and David Gibbins.

Annual Exhibition – A concern for several years has been the venue of the Annual   Exhibition.  Thankfully we have secured a new venue for the immediate future and    hope it will last in the longer term. Patchings Art Centre was booked for the 2017

Annual Exhibition.  At short notice, they very kindly accommodated the 2016

Exhibition also. Special thanks go to Gary Langley for securing this venue.  I would like     to express our sincere thanks to the staff at Patchings Farm for ensuring a successful            display of Exhibition prints.

Federation e-Newsletter – The e-newsletter of the Federation is emailed to all club             secretary’s and this enables the club secretary to email to all their club members. If                      any club member on email does not receive a copy of the e-news, then please contact              your club secretary. The date of all e-news the displayed on the N&EMPF web site                so you know if you have received the latest version or not. We have received excellent               comments regarding the e-newsletter. This is a big step forward and special thanks go                to Peter Cheetham.

60th Anniversary Book/CD – The Federation celebrated its 60th Anniversary last year                  with the production of a souvenir book and CD containing images from all clubs in the                   Federation. This was a tremendous achievement and special thanks go to David             Gibbins and Jane Carter for the book and to Ashley Franklin and Jim Hartje for the CD.

Mileage Expenses – To ensure members attending the Exec meetings are not penalised                 if having to travel vast distances, the Exec introduced mileage expenses. Hopefully this                will encourage members to consider coming onto the Exec committee by offsetting the              travel costs incurred in attending Exec meetings.

Club Membership – It is always encouraging to receive requests from clubs seeking                   membership of the Federation. During the past two years’ club membership, has                increased and that is excellent news all round.

PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit (APM) – This has been my role on the Exec             committee for the past 10 years and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed and been             able to develop into the very successful part of N&EMPF that it is today. I am                        particularly pleased with the success of the Assessment Scheme for prospective PAGB               applicants. I wish to thank all the judges who have taken part in the assessment of                     images personally and on behalf of the potential applicants. They have all expressed                    their gratitude and the percentage of successful applications has increased.

Digitising the Archives – Work is ongoing to digitise the N&EMPF archives. This an                    exciting project and much work has been completed. More will be revealed in due                  course for the benefit of clubs and special thanks go to Geoff Hood.

It now gives me a mixed feeling of emotions to prepare to stand down as your            President but I shall be handing the role over to someone who I am confident will be            able to take the North & East Midlands Photographic Federation to a new level            involving technology.

I believe Carol has the advantage of a vast amount of experience in N&EMPF but it will     also be dependent on the support that members of all the clubs and in particular those  on the Exec committee.  I hope your support will be evident in large amounts and that    N&EMPF will continue to flourish.

It has been both an experience and a pleasure to have been your President for the            2014-2016 period.

The outgoing President, Ian Taylor, handed the chain of office to Carol Cheetham.


Carol Cheetham presented Ian Taylor with a Past Presidents goblet and thanked him            for the excellent work he had done during his term of office.


Carol responded:

Thank you for electing me as your President, for which I am truly honoured.    With

Peter being President twice and me being your new President we are only the 2nd couple in the

Federation history to both be President.   The previous couple were Chris and Grace Newton  (Chris 1958-1960 – Grace 1968-1970) and I am very privileged to be the 3rd lady President since  the Federation was formed in 1955, although somewhat in trepidation.


Ian has carried out his duties extremely well and also continued in that time as the Awards Officer,             where he set up an online system for prospective candidates for N&EMPF Club members to have             their work assessed by a panel of N&EMPF Judges with an improving amount of success of         applicants for the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit.


4 years ago, when I was asked to be the 2nd Vice President, and had my arm-twisted up my back  by Peter and others, I thought this day was a long way away, but how quickly that time has gone.   I know I have a number of peers, who will give me help and advice along the way and I thank    them all for being long-term members of the N&EMPF Executive.


I would also like to thank Louise, who unfortunately cannot be here today due to a family  bereavement, for taking on the Minutes Secretary position that allows me to continue as your  Secretary during my term of office.


Thank you everyone and I hope I can fulfil my position as your President and look forward to the  events that evolve during my term of office.


My first pleasurable task as your President is to thank somebody who has been a member of

N&EMPF for 56 years, this person, if they haven’t guessed already, is:  Eileen White LRPS APAGB



Eileen joined the N&EMPF Executive at its AGM in March 1960.

She took on the position of Secretary in 1962 until 1973 and on her retirement from Secretary she       was given an Honorary Life Vice Presidency of N&EMPF.


Eileen has been an Honorary Life Vice President for 43 years and is a regular attendee at Executive          meetings and I have great pleasure in presenting her with an engraved goblet, which is a long      overdue award, for her services  to the Federation.


Many thanks Eileen for all the work you have done over the past 56 years.


  1. ELECTION OF OFFICERS – Peter Jones proposed, seconded: Peter Cheetham that the     Officers as nominated be elected en-bloc.   Carried.


President                               Carol J Cheetham (Long Eaton CC)

First Vice President                  Alan Bannister (Clay Cross PS)

Second Vice President             TBA

Secretary                               Carol J Cheetham (Long Eaton CC)

Treasurer                               Brian Davis (Chesterfield PS)

Minutes Secretary     Louise Walton (Rolls-Royce [Derby] PS  Alliance Exhibition Secretary          Susan Wilson (Clay Cross PS)     Archivist        Geoff Hood (Rolls Royce [Derby] PS)        Awards Secretary Vacant

Conference Secretary               Peter Henson (Nottm Co-Op CC & Nottm & Notts PS)

Directory Secretary                  Roy Millett (Clay Cross PS)

Exhibition Secretary                Vacant

Newsletter Editor                    Peter W Cheetham (Long Eaton CC)

Lecturer & Judges Secretary      David E Gibbins (Beeston CC)

Portfolio Secretary                   Alan Bannister (Ilkeston PC)

Social Secretary                      Shirley Davis (Chesterfield PS)

Web Master                            Celia Clayton (Beeston [Notts] CC)

Member of Alliance Executive    Peter W Cheetham (Long Eaton CC)


Carol welcomed the Officers to the Committee.


Thanks, were expressed to Gary Langley who was standing down as Exhibition

Secretary after 4 years.


  1. ELECTION OF 8 ORDINARY MEMBERS TO THE COMMITTEE – The following were duly elected:

Nigel Atkins (Sileby PS); James Carter (Sileby PS); Peter Farnworth (Rolls-Royce

[Derby] PS); Bill Hall (Rolls-Royce [Derby] PS; Dave Hollingsworth (Arnold & District PS); Eric Miller (Beeston CC) Anne Millett (Clay Cross PS);

Proposed N&EMPF Executive, seconded Peter Jones.   Carried.


The President thanked the retiring committee, for their help and support and            welcomed new members to the committee.


  1. TO ELECT AN HON. AUDITOR – Brian Davis proposed, that Dennis Bradbury be elected as the auditor, David Gibbins seconded the proposal. Carried.


  1. REVIEW OF COMING EVENTS – The President reviewed the Calendar of Events for the    year.


  1. RATIFICATION OF CLUBS – Three new clubs were ratified: Castleton & Hope Valley PS;    H15 Group and Synergy.


  1. DATE OF THE NEXT EXECUTIVE MEETING – Saturday 2nd April 2016


  1. ANY OTHER BUSINESS (by permission of the President)


No matters received


The date of the 2017 AGM – to be advised



The meeting closed at 11.15am






Signed:         …………………………………………………………………………………………………………



Dated:          …………………………………………………………………………………………………………..