AGM Notification for 2017



The SIXTY FIRST ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Federation will be held at Arnold Leisure

Centre, High Street, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 7EE commencing at 10.30am on SUNDAY 12th March 2017


In accordance with Clause 9 of the Constitution, the names of the persons nominated by the Executive Committee for election to the various officers of the Federation are as follows:




President Carol J Cheetham (Long Eaton CC)
First Vice President Alan Bannister Clay Cross PS)
Second Vice President Shirley Davis (Chesterfield PS)
Hon Secretary Carol J Cheetham (Long Eaton CC)
Treasurer Brian Davis (Chesterfield PS)
Minutes Secretary Louise Walton (Rolls-Royce [Derby] PS
Alliance Exhibition Secretary Susan Wilson (Clay Cross PS)
Awards Secretary To be advised
Directory Secretary Roy Millett (Clay Cross PS)
Exhibition Secretary David E Gibbins (Beeston [Notts] CC)
Lecturer & Judges Secretary Gary Langley (Rolls-Royce [Derby] PS)
Newsletter Editor Peter W Cheetham (Long Eaton CC)
Webmaster Celia Clayton (Beeston [Notts] CC)
Member of Alliance Executive Peter W Cheetham (Long Eaton CC)


The following 4 positions may be subject to change at the AGM

Archivist                                                 Alan Bannister (Clay Cross PS)

Conference Secretary                                Peter Henson (Nottingham & Notts PS)

Portfolio Secretary                                    Alan Bannister (Clay Cross PS)

Social Secretary                                       Shirley Davis (Chesterfield PS)


Any member Club/Society may nominate candidates for any of the above offices (except that of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and any member Club/Society may also nominate up to eight ordinary members of the Executive Committee.   Nominations, on the attached form, correctly completed including nominee’s signature of consent to serve if elected, must reach me not later than 28 February 2017.


If your Club/Society wishes to propose for re-election any members who are currently serving as Ordinary Members of the Executive, it will be necessary for you to nominate such members on the attached nomination form.


Your Club/Society is entitled to send delegates to all General Meetings of the Federation – 2 Delegates for a membership of 50 or under and 3 Delegates for a membership of 51 and over.   These Delegates only have the voting powers on behalf of your Club/Society, although everyone is welcome to attend.    Names and addresses of Delegates, if different from your Annual Return Form, should be sent to me, in writing on Club letterhead, as soon as possible and must be done before the commencement of the meeting.


NOTE – Delegates names should not be entered on the Nomination Forms.


Carol J Cheetham CPAGB APAGB
        President/Hon Gen Secretary
January 2017 Hon Life Vice President

Member of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain