2020 Competition Years Subjects & Guidelines

Portrait is an artistic representation of a person or persons in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality and mood of the person. The portrait may be formal or informal, indoors or outdoors, natural or artificial light. Glamour and nude photography is eligible providing it is tasteful and artistic – decision of suitability rests with the Competition Secretary. Ensure that the background is only included if it compliments the subject.

Environmental Issues/Human Impact
Try to capture in photography the impact of our actions on the environment such as loss of open spaces from over-development of land, drought, threat to wildlife, deforestation, and threats to our environment such as from industrial pollution, rubbish, plastic waste etc.
[This competition subject is designed to tie-in with an exhibition we hope to put on during the Barrow Barrows Weekend at the beginning of June. We hope therefore to have some really good prints coming out of this competition]

An expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view. We would like you to produce a photographic image that captures the spirit of the outdoors. An area of land – wild, cultivated, or even industrial it’s up to you.

Flora includes all plant life in or away from its environment. The plant or flower itself must be the focus of your image – any animals, insects or other objects should only be peripheral if included as an essential part of the plant’s environment. You may also decide to zoom in on a small detail of the plant.

Fauna covers all animals including birds, fish, insects and other organisms wherever & however you may find them i.e. in the wild, in captivity or domesticated. Try to illustrate the habitats & habits as well as the beauty of the creature.

Street Life
Life as lived by ordinary people in urban streets. We would like you to produce a photographic image of people going about their day to day business in the streets of a city, town or village.

A Seascape is a photograph, painting or work of art which depicts the sea. These can be views of the sea itself with its great drama & moods, and also the sea in its geographical context with the land around it, such as rocks, the beach, the sky or people.

Photography done up close. We would like you to produce a photographic image of an object photographed up close. The more unusual the better.

POTY (Photographer of the Year)
All the 1st & 2nd placed images from Prints and DPI sections of the internal competitions of the past year are to be independently judged to ascertain the best Printed image, the best DPI image and finally the best overall image.

Still Life
Still life is usually portrayed by arranging objects creatively by interesting use of light, texture & colour. Still life can also be “found” anywhere in the environment e.g. a fallen leaf. Image can be in colour or in monochrome. Post-editing is acceptable.

Anything goes but members are encouraged to try techniques & subjects which show their creative & technical skills.