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A little bit of History…

Known as the ‘Barton Camera Club’, it was started on Tuesday 13th February 1981 by Albert Sykes, who was at this time a member of Hewitts Camera Club in Grimsby.
   Hewitts Camera Club lost a lot of members and interest was fading, eventually resulting in its closure.  Albert thought that if he could generate enough interest in Barton and the surrounding area to start a new club, it would save him having to find an alternative in Grimsby or Scunthorpe.
An advertisement was put together and duplicated 30 times, these were then placed at various places around the town, also at New Holland, Barrow-upon-Humber, Goxhill and South Ferriby.
    He also sent a form to Radio Humberside. The then Barton Star weekly Newspaper sent a reporter around to see Albert. They wanted to know what we hoped to do, and put a report in the front page on the paper. The first meeting had a good response with 22 interested people.
In November 2014 Albert was presented with Honorary President of the Club.

The only thing the club was not able to supply was a dark room. At the time a couple of the members were willing to let others use theirs, although with the onset of Digital Photography that is no longer a problem.

We meet at the Wilderspin National School, each Tuesday @ 7:30pm
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